suspended fireplace, fixed or pivoting

The Slimfocus is the sleek result of a quest for aesthetic perfection, minimum volume and excellent heat performance. A revolution in contemporary fireplace design, this is the first suspended (fixed or rotating) fireplace adapted to low-energy buildings. With its elegant minimalist shape, the wood-burning Slimfocus is sure to seduce, whether installed in a corner, near a wall or in the centre of a room.

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characteristics wood-burning version
  • Hearth dimensions: Ø 0.324 m
  • Available with a standard flue or a balanced-flue system (a sealed appliance in which a twin-walled duct draws in combustion air and expels exhaust gases)
  • Steel and pyroceramic glass
  • Black paint finish
  • Wood-burning
  • Made in France

Slimfocus suspendu pivotant
Slimfocus suspendu fixe